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International Dating Blog

Join the AFA team as they provide expert insight into the world of international dating, travel and marriage.

Backed by decades of experience in assisting men and women through matchmaking, John Adams and his team continue to provide value through sharing their first hand experiences.

Dating Trends of Intercultural Couples Who Met Online

In modern times, we have the ability to form meaningful and fulfilling relationships online with people we’ve never even seen before.

Relationship Anxiety: What it is and How to Overcome it

Have you ever had a voice in the back of your mind bothering you with these thoughts? To the point that you begin to doubt your partner’s behaviors, words, and even the romantic gestures they do out of love.

Why International Relationships Fail and How to Prevent It

Maya Angelou once said: "Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination, full of hope."

The Online Offline Dating Hybrid : How to Successfully Use A Foreign Affair

If you try to ask the majority of singles around the world, they would probably tell you that the initial interaction is always the hardest part of finding a partner.

Why Foreign Men Can Date Filipinas Effortlessly

Among the women in Asia, or even around the world, foreign men often claim that they prefer to date Filipinas.

Making the Most of A Foreign Affair Singles Tours

International dating is now a very popular choice amongst single individuals. With today’s technology, you have a plethora of platforms to choose from.

Helping Foreign Women Adjust to a New Country After Marriage

One of the most life-changing decisions an international couple will need to make is deciding whose home country they should move to and start a life together.

Cohabitation: Couples Living Together BEFORE Marriage SURVIVAL GUIDE

Living together before marriage is called cohabitation. It is the step taken by couples who live together under the same roof in hopes of strengthening the amount of feelings shared.

Gauging Your Dating Compatibility with Colombian Women

Dating compatibility is one of the most integral factors that makes a relationship last. You can truly be in love with someone, but your relationship will still end up to nothing if you are not compatible with each other.

Dating Mexican Women in Acapulco: Building a Relationship

When someone mentions Acapulco, Mexico, it is not always the beautiful Acapulco bay or the delicious exotic Mexican food that comes to mind, it’s also the beautiful and delightful Mexican women.

Why Colombian Women Are SUPER Compatible with Foreign Men

Colombia is one of the most traveled Latin American countries. Its breathtaking scenery, exotic and delicious food, rich and unique cultures and traditions are only few of the many things that attract tourists.

7 Things Foreign Men Dating Russian Women MUST KNOW

When someone mentions Russia, many things come to mind. It may be the big hole of ice in Siberia, great Russian singers like Vladimir Vysotsky, or Vikings.

Cautionary Tales: How To Destroy Your Date with a Foreign Woman

A foreign woman is different from your typical local woman. You have to start fresh and widen your scope in terms of cultures and values. As we all know, dating can be tough.

Establishing Good Communication with Foreign Women

Like you, foreign women are not mind readers. The only way to convey your message to them is through communication.

International Dating Etiquette and Dining Manners

When it comes to international dating etiquette, thousands of single men follow the proper method.

Logistics of International Dating - Can It Work Out?

As far as the dating industry is concerned, international dating has become more significant in more than 25 countries all over the world.

How to Date Russian Women as a Foreign Man

We have heard a lot about Russian women. They are ranked as one of the most beautiful women that ever lived. But would courting a Russian woman require you to go all the way to Russia?

Cultural Assimilation of Foreign Marriages

With the advent of online dating and matchmaking services, foreign marriages have never been more accessible.

Universal Etiquettes of International Dating

You'd think that common dating etiquettes are supposed to be common, but like common sense, they're not as prevalent as you think.

Can International Dating Be The Answer For You?

Although international dating has helped thousands of single men and women all over the world find their better halves, it’s not always a quick fix for those who are eager to find genuine love.

Key Signs Foreign Women Are Attracted to You

Foreign women have always been a subject of interest, especially where love and long lasting relationships are concerned.

What Latina Women Find Attractive in Foreign Men

Before you get all excited about dating Latina women, take the time to understand what their preferences are in men, as well as in a relationship.

Spot the Red Flags of International Dating

Needless to say, the growing number of successful relationships as a result of international dating continues to encourage men who are interested in finding love among foreign ladies.

Advantages to Dating Filipino Women

When it comes to dating Filipino women, most westerners are happy to say that such an experience has changed their lives for the better.

International Matchmaking Vs Online Dating

Even with the high success rate of being able to find a potential partner online, there are still quite a good number of men and women who don't know what the difference is between international matchmaking and online dating.

Starting Good Habits Before Dating Foreign Women

For men to take an interest in foreign women is nothing new, especially with the many communication tools and dating sites made available on the internet today.

WORST Moves to Make When Dating Foreign Women

It's no longer surprising to see men take an interest in dating foreign women.

Preparing for Long Term Relationships with Foreign Women

Finding a foreign girlfriend may be an exciting venture and all, but the question is, do you know what it takes to be in a long term relationship with one, let alone be able to maintain it?

Questions All Men Ask About International Dating

Whether this is your first time to experience international dating or not, it is perfectly normal to have certain questions about it.

Dating Foreign Women More Relevant Than EVER

With so many foreign women looking for love these days, wouldn't you be the least bit interested in finding out if you could be in a relationship with one?

International Dating : Our BEST Chance at Lasting Love

There are multiple reasons why international dating continues to be a popular go-to option for men and women who are in search of long lasting love.

Dating in Ukraine: Commanding Attention from Ukrainian Women

In today's international dating scene, Ukrainian women continue to distinguish themselves as desirable partners in relationships and marriage.

Why Online Dating Is the BEST Way to Meet Foreign Women

Nowadays, men who are interested in finding a foreign girlfriend usually turn to online dating as the best way to do so.

Advantages of Dating Asian Women

What comes to your mind when you think about Asian women? Has it ever become an interest of yours to know what it's like to date them? How about their qualities - do you think they have what it takes to be an ideal life partner?

What to Expect When Dating Ukrainian Women

It's a well known fact that online dating has opened a whole new world of endless possibilities, mostly when it comes to finding love.

Why You Should START Dating Foreign Women

With so many free foreign dating sites today, it is no longer inconvenient or impossible for men to find a girlfriend or wife among beautiful foreign women.

What You Need to Do Before Dating Foreign Women

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to date beautiful foreign women?

Dating in Asia : BEST Countries to Meet Asian Women

For many years, there has been a steady, ongoing trend of many single men visiting various countries in Asia not only to have fun and relax, but also to find love.

Misconceptions of Dating Foreign Women Online

There are many different stories surrounding foreign women and online dating.

Topics Mexican Women LOVE to Discuss on Dates

You may already know that communication is always key to a healthy relationship.

Preparing for Online Dating with Foreign Women

With everything that is happening in today's global landscape, there are even more compelling reasons to shift to modern technology for you to find your match.

Interesting Facts About Interracial Marriages in the US

Love and marriage comes in different shades. And this rings true in today's society, especially when you consider that there are more and more interracial couples. In fact in America alone, 17% of married couples are interracial.

Building Conversations on Dates with Ukrainian Women

There's a few ways as to how to build healthy relationships. One of those ways is to be open and vulnerable. There's levels to openness and those can be time sensitive. That time sensitivity might just help if you find yourself dating Ukrainian women.

6 Things That Turn Off ALL Foreign Women

You've got your eyes on that one special foreign woman. You obviously want to impress her and make her like you back.

Making The BEST Impression On Colombian Women

The characteristics of a Colombian woman make her an ideal partner for a lot of men. But a lot of the men who want to be with a Colombian woman aren't always the best at dating. And even if they have some experience when it comes to dating and all that, they may not always be able to make a good first impression.

How Russian Women Show Affection While Dating

With the advent of the internet, more Western men have set their sights on romantic opportunities in dating Russian women abroad.

STOP Failing First Dates - Ask Russian Women

Russian women recount hilarious failures of foreign men occurring on their first dates.

MAX Age Gap in Relationships - Ask Russian Women

Russian women have a reputation for an openness regarding age gap in their relationships, but many men active in international dating wonder how big of an age gap women in Russia are open to.

Boxers or Briefs? Ask Russian Women

Russian women answer common questions men wonder in regards to their international dating preferences and desires.

10 Secrets to Dating Ukraine Women in Zaporozhye

Having matched Slavic ladies with foreign men for over a decade, there are certain qualities found in the women from Zaporozhye that may be a secret to most men who have not traveled to this amazing Eastern European city.

#1 MISTAKE Men Make ON ACCIDENT Dating Ukrainian Women

Foreign men dating Ukrainian women do so with the intent of starting a serious relationship that in most cases leads to marriage and creating a family.

How Foreign Women Adjust to a New Country

Foreign women actively engaged in international dating with Western men often contemplate how they'll adjust after moving to a new country.

Age Gap: Dating In The Philippines

Most Filipinas will not even consider a man who comes too close to their own age, as in Asian dating culture a man too close to the age of the woman causes uncertainty as to if he has true intentions, the ability to provide, and a stable mind to maintain a loving relationship.

Foreign Women Attraction Body Language

Men unfamiliar with the cultural norms of foreign women are often confused by the gauging their attraction body language when engaged in a first introduction or date.

Dating Foreign Women with Translators

Countless men from around the world have international travel on their mind, with the intention of meeting and courting foreign women.

Risks Of Using One Translator While Dating In Ukraine

Based on John's 20+ years holding the pulse of international matchmaking, he NEVER recommends a man use just one Ukrainian translator.

Successful International Dating With Realistic Expectations

Promoting realistic expectations and self-awareness during the dating process, John has assisted countless men and women in international courtship, leading to many marriages and families.

How To Break Negative Patterns in Love

Join renowned dating coach Renee Piane as she delves into the roots of these negative patterns and how to change them.

Why Foreign Women Use International Matchmaking To Find Love

Understanding why foreign ladies will choose to attend or not attend these matchmaking events requires men to consider their circumstances and culture.

Nikolaev Women Expose International Matchmaking in Ukraine

The small town of Nikolaev Ukraine serves as the setting for countless international matchmaking events each year.

Local agencies fill socials with Nikolaev women who are eager to meet visiting foreign men, most with the intention of starting a serious relationship.

International Matchmakers Review Courtship of Ukraine Women

The innovations experienced by those who retain the services of international matchmakers over the last twenty years have allowed countless Ukraine women to meet their matches in foreign men who attend tours of the region.

Has International Matchmaking Americanized Foreign Women?

Often to be understood as a negative, men feel that foreign women will pick up the undesirable traits of Americans after their international matchmaking courtship has ended and the K1 visa process begins.

See The Sights of Shenzhen China in 4K

Singles tours have been a major part of Shenzhen for many years, helping countless Shenzhen women escape sheng nu and find their true loves.

Ukrainian Women Face Dilemma at Odessa Dating Event

Emiliya describes the unique circumstances that led her into the international dating community in Odessa, as well as providing a run down of her most recent experiences at the latest event.

What Percent of Men Get Married With a International Matchmaker

An insurmountable number of factors are applied to this rate, making it nearly impossible to provide a blanketed answer regarding one's likelihood of success.

Odds of Dating English Speaking Ukraine Women

Roughly 15% of Ukraine women have a large grasp on the English language, which leaves over 80% with little to know English speaking ability.

Indicators of Interest From Ukrainian Women Explained

Elena from Kiev Ukraine provides insight into understanding indicators of interest that Ukrainian women commonly display in everyday situations.

Social Media Impact On International Matchmaking Client

While dating Ukrainian women in Kiev, Tom shared some photos from his social media feed that led to a surprising result.

Why Ukraine Women Choose International Dating Over Domestic

With an unappealing domestic dating scene, Ukraine women often opt to search for love through international dating agencies , many found right in their own home towns.

Russian Women Describe Their Ideal Man For Marriage

Women in Ukraine outnumber their male counterparts by nearly 4 million. This leads many Russian women to single life well into their mid to late 30s.

This International Matchmaking Truth May Offend You

Thousands of men are writing letters to their ladies as you watch this video, through any variety of platforms available in international matchmaking.

3 Topics Ukrainian Women Avoid On First Dates

Ukrainian women are open-minded, intelligent, talkative ladies, but on first dates there are areas of conversation that they rather avoid.

What Turns Ukrainian Women On More Than Anything?

Despite their massively appealing attractive features, the wants and desires of Ukrainian women have very little to do with superficial qualities.

Larry Fitzgerald Highlights Marriage in Odessa Ukraine

Larry Fitzgerald recounts the past 10 months of living abroad in Odessa Ukraine with his newlywed wife Elena.

Enhanced Appearance For Foreign Dating - Advice From Ukrainian Women

Dating in general can be a daunting task when deciding how to present yourself on the first date. Foreign dating presents additional concerns through understanding foreign cultures and style.

5 Advantages UK Men Have In Dating Ukrainian Women

Ukraine's proximity from the UK allows men to travel less than 4 hours away, and avail themselves to the enormous population of single Ukrainian women

Why Stunning Ukraine Women Are Single - As Told By Kiev Woman

Elena, a Kiev woman, explains why she is single and what she hopes to find in regards to a significant other.

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